Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New PC and some new worlds!

A terraformed Europa

   Instead of a paragraph to start out explaining what I've been doing, I posted an image instead. It's made using a new shader I downloaded off the net and located here:

   I had been searching for a way to make realistic looking atmospheres, because it's slightly important if you're doing a lot of space related scenes. So finding that plugin is a BIG life saver, plus having a new PC definitely helps the render time.

Terraformed Europa with mighty Jupiter in the background
   Speaking of new PCs, the specs for my new PC is here:

Intel Core i7 3770 (3.4Ghz)
16 gigs of RAM
Nvidia GTX 660

Compare that to my old PC:

AMD Dual Core X2 5000+
4 gigs of Ram
500 gig HDD
Nvidia GTX 260

It's a VERY big upgrade and it was VERY much needed.

   The last two images are related to Defense Command, and the upcoming "Black Sun" Sequel. The one above is more related to the later as the Martian ships are from that post-war period. They've got a new Tri-engine configuration along with the last of the Tharsis Class Battleships.

   The last image is more or less a work in progress. I'm recreating the cover image from The Articles of Empire. I'll post a more finished version of this when I get around to it.

   Until then, enjoy the images and see you later!