Thursday, 18 July 2013

Project: SnapDragon (Update 2)

It's been some time since my first update on the SnapDragon Project, and since then there's been a fair amount of work done.

Let's take a look and I'll talk about the changes and the reasoning behind them!

Ambient Occlusion multiview
 List of changes:
-Ditched the V tail for a regular single fin tail, just sloped back a bit.
   - It looked cool in the blueprint, but ultimately didn't seem to fit into the design.
-Ditched the Big wing mounted engines for some intakes feeding into a single fuselage mounted engine.
   - Again, looked cool, but for a fighter/interceptor, it was just too bulky feeling.
-Changed the cockpit to something a bit more aerodynamic (and almost like an A-wing cockpit)
   - This was more of a happy accident, I tried to make a bubble cockpit like the Spitfires, but happened upon something that looked and fit better with the design.
-Added more details here and there (including a pilot!)
   - Details are the spice of life!

After I had those changes, I decided it was time to texture! I used a late war colour-scheme on the SnapDragon and ran with it.

Textured/Ambient Occlusion multiview

As you can see, it didn't turn out all that bad!

After the SnapDragon had been textured and refined here and there, I deemed the project done and started to work on a few other things to make it better and more real. Such as making a separate model with landing gear, which you can see below.

A Landed SnapDragon on a runway.
With the project done, I'll leave you with a few more renders that I made.

Fake Black and White Photograph.

SnapDragons flying above the clouds.
As always, leave your comments and enjoy!