Thursday, 14 June 2012

And now for something completely different.

   So, not much to add today, except a new Star Trek model and a render of some realistic Pokeballs.

   The Star Trek Ship, is based on the Kirov Class Command Cruiser, which can be found here:

   So, this is my take on the Kirov class.

No, it's not the Enterprise...Although it does look a bit like it.

   This is also the first ship with the engineer section I've built. I think it turned out alright. It's a little bit bigger than the Fletcher and Akula Classes, but not by much.

Every ship has to have a Beauty shot...Just makes them look so cool looking.
   Finally and to change up the pace of this blog, I stumbled across an image of some realistic looking "Pokeballs", from Pokemon. They're the baseball sized capsules used to capture the various Pokemon.

   So I decided to see how hard it'd be to make one myself!

Gotta catch 'em all!
   As you can see...not very hard at all.

   Enjoy and please leave your comments!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One more quick thing

Well, it's a little bit more than just "one" thing.

I know a couple people would want to see these, so here they are. The animated pieces I've worked on from old to new.

Finally, my 2012 Demo-Reel.
You'll see similar scenes but they're cleaned up and changed slightly.

Enjoy and leave your comments below!

In the beginning...

   Hey there everyone, this is my first go at putting together a blog. This will be the place to see my works in progress and finished pieces.

   So to get things started, lets check out some of the work I've been doing lately!

   First off, I've always wanted to make a Star Trek-esque model, but never really got around to sitting down and building off of a design I liked enough...

   That all changed when I came across the Akula Class Destroyer which you can see here:

   From that I decided on giving it a twist, and build it like it was built in the new "Star Trek 2009" look. Lots of curves and elegant looking.

   Below is the first take on it, I did the saucer section in the TOS style before reworking it to the 2009 look.

Pretty cool looking so far.

   After I had reworked the saucer section to look more like the USS Kelvin, I decided to whip up another class to go along with it. This render below has the updated Akula Class along with the Fletcher Class (which you can see here:

   With those two done up I decided to render out an multi-view render, to show off all the sides of the two models. Which is what you see below.

Two models made using the same pieces...pretty simple to make a fleet out of this!
   Once I was happy with the look and feel of them...I had to build and change more things. I kept those models and went back to the source material and decided to change the nacelles/engines to look more like the USS Kelvin, the newer nacelles/engines would be used for a "refit" look to them.

I also did a bit of texturing and the results of the Fletcher Class are below.

Pretty nifty, don't you think?

   With all that said and done, I probably will go back and finish tweaking and texturing the two models. Might...I do tend to start little projects and leave them when I get satisfied with how they look as is or just sick and tired of them. I'll see how the reaction to them is and who knows, you might see a finished pair of starships in the future.

But for now, I leave you with one last model, a kind of throw-away render that I did up.


Enjoy, see you later and don't forget to leave your comments!