Saturday, 18 May 2013

Containing Costs for Cover Art

   One concern I know many people have when seeking out 3D art is cost. In this marketplace, it's tough to know what prices will be, whether you'll be hit by hidden costs, etc. I don't think that's necessary, and when I make my services available I always price my work as fairly as I can -- especially for books. As a writer myself, I know the joy of seeing your story in print, and I want to help as many people as possible enjoy that experience.

   I've had a long-term working (and writing) relationship with Iceberg Publishing (, and having produced dozens of images and videos for their books, I've learned many tricks to economize my time, while keeping quality high. I make this experience available to writers and small publishers too, and to help provide guidelines for what costs might be for independent authors and small presses, here are some examples:

Defense Command: "Tapestries of Blood" Cover Image (Cropped Image)
 $200 - $250 Canadian

Defense Command: "2235 Omnibus" Cover Image (Full Cover Image)
 $250 - $300 Canadian

Seas of Sand: "Finding the Range - Anthology I" Cover Image (Back and Front Covers)
 $350 - $400 Canadian

The Equation Series: "The Destiny Equation" Cover Image (Cropped Image on the Back Cover)
$150 - $300 Canadian

   Unfortunately, I do charge more when working with large publishers, or other industries... but for authors and small presses, it's basically work at minimum cost. Once I do an image, I pass all rights for it to the customer, and if we do multiple images of the same ship, additional discounts might be available, depending on how complex (if you need multiple angles for a ship schematic, for instance).

   So if you're an author trying to get your vision of one of your ships onto a book cover, or a small press looking for quality CGI that you can afford, I'd like to help. Email me if you have any questions!

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