Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Project: SnapDragron (initial update)

Well now, it seems as though I haven't posted in a while. But now that has changed! I got something new and interesting for you guys today!

This is what I've been working on over the past few days. This little series of updates will chronicle the making of an alt-history bent wing jet, The SnapDragon.

This project was set before me by Kenneth Tam, my friend and a pretty damn good writer of a number of different sci-fi series. He wanted a jet for one of his upcoming books and didn't know what it'd look like. So he gave the project to me and within a couple hours I sent him these.
Made from a simple blueprint of the Corsair.

A modified Gloster Meteor.

A Modified Spitfire.

He reacted extremely positive to all of them, but decided on the modified Spitfire. From there I took the blueprint image of the Spitfire and made some modifications to the image to give him an idea of what the finished SnapDragon would look like.

The Modified Spitfire blueprint.
From there he gave the go ahead to start the modeling process and by the next night I had come up with this image.

What I hadn't realized in making the SnapDragon up until then, was that it looked like a bird in mid-dive. Which after some thought, seemed like something designers of the time would've looked at for inspiration. So it worked out spectacularly.

From there it was off to doing a number of different revision and edits. Below you can see my efforts to date.

Just doing some texture tests in Photoshop. It's starting to come together I think...

This is where I'll leave you guys today, there's still a lot of work ahead, but it'll be worth it!

Until then,

Enjoy and leave your comments!

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